The collection of Claudette and Michel Bouvot

We had the chance, some time ago, to discover the private collection of Claudette and Michel Bouvot. I will present a small sample of it to you.

Claudette began its collection at the same time as it learned lace. It started by buying small pieces of laces by curiosity, to know how they were made, to seek the differences, to compare the techniques used, reconnaitre a lace hand of a mechanical lace... And then Claudette and Michel saw starting from beautiful parts of their inheritance towards the foreigner and they wanted, with their small means, to slow down this export of inheritance. It is besides as to this end as they created association DBCC, with like remote and improbable objective, the creation of a lace museum in the area of Caen.

Excuse me for the time of loading which is likely to be a little long, but the details could not be reduced more with the detriment of the photographs presented.

bardemalines.jpg (14211 octets)

valenciennes1.jpg (16840 octets)

Barbs into Malignant of the 19th century
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Fine Valencians of the 19th century:
" Lefebure " made in Bayeux click on: Detail


valenciennes2.jpg (17132 octets)

valenciennes3.jpg (16723 octets)

Valencians with the bottom carried out in square meshs

One finds many varieties of models as " a Blonde " on this board furnished with laces.

planche.jpg (25273 octets)


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