Claudine's collection

As being announced in the monthly letter N°9, Claudine its lace collection presents us and embroidery.

This collection consists essentially of:
  - Baby's bibs
  - Mechanical lace collars, in the beginning of 20-th century, or in the hook, or in the reels..... Or embroidered with lace panels in ....... of the 1800's, completely made for the needle (network + motives), in excellent state.
  - Jabots
  - Gloves in the hook (in the beginning of XIX-th century)
  - Headgears
  - Blouses, certain with folds "nun" and some embroidery, the others, richly embroidered
  - Dresses of baptème (one of them is 1,30m of length)
  - Baby's hats; some of them contain of the lace made for the needle or for the reels
  - Dress handkerchiefs, handkerchiefs
  - Top of fireplace
  - Baby's shirts  + life jackets (quite always embroidered hand)
  - Waitress's embroidered aprons hand
  - Old embroidered breeches
  - Silk pillow was embroidered in the silk button-hole thread, was signed,
  - Top of pillows, in the net, motives for the 16éme century
  - Top of bed ( 2 places), years 1900/1910, new state, formed by strips alternated by embroidery Richelieu, and by lace in the net, the every makes hand
  - Table runner of 1,70m, new state, completely chiselled by embroidery Richelieu, - place mats, etc.... Etc....
  - Miscellaneous.... Ex: bridal veil in application of England, wedding parasol, completely embroidered, with knob in horn inlaid with mother-of-pearl
The whole completes it state, restored by its care, cleaned in .......

This collection was moreover the object of an article in " The Life of the Collector ", N 343 , of the 24 nov. On 2000)

Noted: The presented photos are not inevitably the most beautiful details of this collection, the criterion of selection was the neatness after scan.

dentelle : la collection de Claudine dentelle : la collection de Claudine

Baby's pillowcase Embroidery hand - monogram

Bridal veil - 8 motives "Rose" - Cuts: 1m40 x 1m10 Application of England, please , Click on: Detail



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