The Museum of the Beautiful Arts and the Lace (Alençon)

City of tradition lacemaker, Alençon shelters a magnificent museum. You will discover to it, in two very halls, a lace multitude quite more beautiful the some than the others: needle-point laces (rose point,   France,  Alençon and of Argentan, Brussels....) bobbin laces (Valenciennes, Brussels, Chantilly, Flanders, Le Puy, Brugge...). I present you a quite small sample, just for giving you the envy to visit it. To facilitate you the visit, you can acquire, to the reception of the museum, a small realized notebook, with the cooperation of Madam Françoise Ponchel, by Madam Aude Pessy-Lux, conservative of the Museum.

It is difficult to speak about the Point of Alençon without quoting two famous masterpieces: " steering wheel in grapes " and the famous " flying from wisterias ".

Alencon1.jpg ( 25295 bytes) Alencon2.jpg ( 26559 bytes)

Flying in Alençon: " vineyards " XIX-th. The specificity of this steering wheel is " the ombré point ". Please , admire the realism of this realization. Please , click on: Detail

Flying in no Alençon, decoration "Wisterias" XIX-th, meeting of tréfles, festoons of wisterias with an alternation of medallions. Please , click on: Detail

You will also discover it magnificent steering wheels in "Brussels":

Laces: steering wheel of the museum of Alençon

Stealing in Brussels no gauze directs XIX-th


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