The Hotel of the Lace ( Brioude)

The Hotel of the Lace - museum, centre of exhibition and education, workshop - welcomes you in the numbers 29 and 43 of the Street of September 4, in a particular hotel of XV-th and XVIII-th, the ancient house of the chamoines-counts of Brioude.

This association, created by Madam Odette Arpin, consists of Odette Arpin - president, of Marie-Claude Espeche - responsible for Courts and Studios, of Philippe Gendre - Administrative and commercial responsible (and faithful representative of the Hotel of the Lace during the demonstrations), as well as of a team of 6 driving forces, lacemakers and a desk clerk. About 500 pupils a year practise " Cluny de Brioude " in the center of education.

During our visit, there was in pause, an entitled exhibition " Ranges, reflections of society ". More than 150 exceptional details were exposed to it. These arising from a particular collection, we did not take photos. If you go to visit the Hotel of the Lace, you can admire again there the ranges of Odette Arpin's collection.

The Hotel of the Lace ( Brioude)

The Museum of the Hotel of the Lace in the 29, the rue du in September 4.


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