The Hotel of the Lace ( Brioude)

At the moment, let us admire the creations and the realizations which were worth the title of " better workers of France " to Odette Arpin and Marie-Claude Espeche.

Subject of the Competition of " Better Workers of France " of 1986.

Subject of the Competition of " Better Workers of France " of 1997.

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Linen tie 120/2 (size: 100 x 5 in 12 cms). Creation and realization Odette Arpin. Linen collar 120/2 (size 12 cms wide, neckline 34). Creation and realization Marie-Claude Espeche.

We shall end by details of these magnificent points of spirit which characterize " Cluny de Brioude ".

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Close-up of a cuff.

Close-up of a table runner.


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The High Sewing in the Hotel of Brioude's lace:

In 1996, the Hotel of the Lace did a noticed entry in the world of the High French Sewing.

For the collection 96/97 Pierre Balmain, drawn by Oscar of Renta, the lace of this height of evening dress was realized in golden and silk son in reels hands was created by Odette Arpin and realized by Odette Arpin, M-C Espeche, N Bailly and C Cubizolle.

1100 working hours and 150 hours of research were necessaires to achieve this prestigious command.

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Height of dress (seen by back)

Many of the other miracles wait for you to Brioude. Then, please , do   a small bend to return you to it.

For any contacts and information:

Odette Arpin, president founder
Marie Claude Espeche, responsible Courts and Studios
Philippe Gendre, administrative and commercial responsible
Exhibition trainings museum Workshop
29 and 43, rue du in September 4
F-43100 Brioude
Phone : 00 33 ( 0 ) 4 71 74 80 02 - Fax: 00 33 ( 0 ) 4 71 74 87 62

Thanks to Odette Arpin and Philippe Gendre for their availability and their kindness.

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