The Museum from Normandy in Caen

The museum of Normandy, classified municipal museum of the town of Caen, was founded in 1946. Since this date, acquisitions, archaeological research and the ethnological collection illustrate the material and cultural evolution populations of Normandy.
In 2002, the museum inaugurates two new rooms of permanent presentations corresponding at the end of the historical course.
Some major parts find, of course, their place, like the impressive weaving loom the ribbons or the exeptionnelle wedding dress out of silk lace of Caen. But much of other parts, acquired with the courses of the last years by the museum, make their appearance to give a new glance on the history of the costumes and habits of Normandy.

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Trade with lace of Rose Durand (beginning of the 20 2nd century).
On left, you see a lamp of lacemaker
from the 19 2nd century.

Fair silk lace " of Caen " of half
from the 19 2nd century

Below, a wedding dress and its silk lace stole to the spindles known as " Fair of Caen " (1830).

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