Montigny le Bretonneux

On March 31, 2001    (3/6)

Jeumont's club was represented by Madam Bitsche, specialized in Binche but also in Duchess.

One could also admire beautiful realizations in Flanders as these birds taking their flight.

The works of Jeumont's lace club

Lace of Flanders

Jeumont's club (Binche's lace)

Lace of Flanders

" Filartmonie " of Versailles, steered by Marie-Françoise Delattre, made us discover the paradox of the spider:
" The spider terrifies the women, the lacemakers are crazy about the spider ".

The paradox of the spider

" Filartmonie presented us Rosaline's various models:
Principle of Rosaline Perlée: It is necessary to embroider a rosette with the technique of the needle-point lace. It is necessary to sew these rosettes delicately on every flower of Rosaline.

Lace Rosaline

Lace Rosaline

Rosaline in progress

Pearled Rosaline

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