The 53 annual IOLI convention

Mary Shields (Carrick-Macros). This delicate Irish mixed needle Lace is made with organdie appliqué on a ground of net. Beginners will learn the basic skills of setting up the pattern and completing a sample of appliqué lace. Students with experience can explore more challenging techniques and choose a suitable project.

Mary_2414.jpg (21343 octets) Mary_2417.jpg (18052 octets)
Mary Shields Detail

Jay Rodolph (Leaves Fall Magic in wire lace ). This course in creative lace making in wire, designed by Lenka Suschanek, only requires a basic knowledge of lace making stitches. No previous wire lace experience is necessary. This course will appeal to lace makers who want to try to work with wire and explore its possibilities. Basic bobbin lace knowledge required. Her web site :

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Jay Rodolph Detail Detail

Lyse Legendre (Decorative paintings on bobbins and pin box). After this workshop, decorative art will not hide any secret from you. Participant will learn step-by-step to apply gold leave, create faux-finish and to paint a stylized floral design. Art of transforming a simple box into a precious and unique object and discover a new passion. Her web site.

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Lyse Legendre The lid

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