The 53 annual IOLI convention

Friday July 28, 18:00: Cocktail and Banquet
The evening event was taking place at the Hyatt Grand Salon. A fresh and typical cocktail was offered: ice cider. Each table was decorated with a tulip lace floral arrangement, made by the Ottawa ladies, Josée, Cheryl and their friends.

gala_2850.jpg (14322 octets) gala_2851.jpg (19228 octets)
Table detail

At the cocktail, many lacemakers did not hesitate to dress up with their most beautiful pieces of lace. A super meal was served.

gala_2865.jpg (17098 octets) gala_2883.jpg (16927 octets)
Detail Dear surlonge

At the end of the meal, Louise explain us the evening program: dance by the Canadian Aquarelle group, the draw results with as first price a wonderful stone sculpture/lace project by Eugène and Louise “The lacemaker” you can discover below, dance again but with a surprise, and the “Feast for the eyes” table ribbon contest winners we will not talk about (you have to reach the IOLI website). Finally, IOLI general meeting business where the former president Louise Colgan transmitted power to the new president elected for 3 years.
The lacemaker-dancer also has a passion for costumes. It is the same lady who made the old fashion costumes we saw earlier at the museum. Here for the ball, she wear that magnificent pearled Torchon collar. The dress was not completely finished with some more lace to be added at the bottom, but I’m sure it will be soon.

gala_2886.jpg (11557 octets) gala_2893.jpg (12956 octets)

Suppliers attending the convention offered a lot of prizes for a draw. There was, among other things, painted bobbins, books, antique laces, carved boxes… But the most wanted object, was without any doubt, Eugène and Louise stone sculpture. And it is Eugene’s innocent hand who gave away this precious prize. Look at the detail, it is a unique piece…which will not be for sale, cause a lacemaker won it.

gala_2919.jpg (21077 octets) gala_2920.jpg (25334 octets)
Sculpture detail

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