The collection of Mr. Délézir

The Polychrome One:

In 1850-1860, it is the beginning of polychrome with the metal colors, a patent was deposited in 1897.Le name given to the polychrome silk lace is " chantilly lace ". However, the technique used is that of the blonde. The difference of with chantilly is the use of a larger wire for the leaders.
It is henceforth called " polychrome Dentelle of Courseulles ".

The technique is to mix wire of different colors in order to arrive at the desired colori.

To commemorate centenaire of this invention, Mrs. Claudette Bouvot carried out the superb bookmark opposite.

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One speaks about " Art nouveau " with Felix Aubert, painter (1866-1940). All laces which you will see have more than 100 years old.

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Chantilly Polychrome lace out of silk


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