53rd annual IOLI (International Old Lacers Inc.) convention (Montreal, Canada July 23-29)

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The IOLI convention is the annual meeting of North American lacemakers. Each year it is held in a different location. This year, Dentelle Quebec Lace, with the support of the Association des Dentellières du Québec Inc., was hosting the convention in Montreal (Canada) at the comfortable Hyatt Regency hotel. Louise Senécal is the president of this IOLI charter chapter.
Two floors were necessary for this event. The particularity of this building, was to understand the difference between floors and levels: front desk is located at level F, also called 6th floor or Street level depending from which area you are coming from!
The convention stand for 1 week, numerous classes are traditionally offered. This year 247 attendees registered to 24 different classes. Rosanna taught level 1 and 2 of Valenciennes lace. Something unique about this event is that everything goes on in the same building: vendors, challenge, exhibition, classes, conferences, meetings and even our room on the 12th floor. You just needed to use the elevator to move from one place to another.
Would you wish to visit Canada, do not forget to stay in Montreal for a little while, it is a very contrasting city, you will find buildings near churches, Chinese quarter where the streets have their typical door,… but mostly, wonderful people still fighting to save their French language: do not ask for a table “set”, but for a napperon, do not expect “stop” signs at the street corners, you will only find “Arrêt” signs…
This report is build just like a story, we will share with you, chronologically, these wonderful days spent in the very good company of IOLI members and their president Louise Colgan, as well as the Quebec lacemakers and their president Louise Senécal.

Sunday July 23: The opening cocktail was on Sunday night. You were offered a drink when entering the room. You can observed teachers discussing with their future students. Here, we can recognize Ulrike Voeckler (Löhr) chatting with our globe trotter Charlotte (from South Africa), Annie Nobens sharing their table.

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There were no long speech only Louise Senécal (regional director for Canada East) and Louise Colgan (IOLI president) addressing their welcome words. In the meantime, Eugène, Charlotte and Rosanna are quenching their thirst.

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Eugène, Charlotte et Rosanna Louise Senécal Louise Colgan

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