53rd annual IOLI convention

Monday 07:00: A get-together breakfast was organized. Louise Senécal welcome all attendees and answered the last minute questions.

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After breakfast, everybody reached their workshop.

Monday 08:30: Classes were taken place over 4 days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, from 08:30 to 11:30 and 13:30 to 16:30. Classrooms were spread between the hotel first floor and the building 5th level (this is why the difference between floor and level become so important). In the next pages, we will introduce each teacher.

Isabelle Fourez (Bayeux). Seven pupils took part in his training course: 6 American and Canadian. All work with cotton egyptien 120. They will carry out the bottom of Alençon and glazed, the day and the almond, the clover, the basket, the bees... The injuries work extremely and well. In four days, they will have almost all 6 samples, what to practise all the year.

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Isabelle Fourez Detail

Susie Johnson (Duchesse Whitof). Withof is characterized by fine threads, rolled edges, and light and shadow in highly stylized motifs. Continuing students will explore the new techniques and subtle nuances of this exciting contemporary Dutch lace. Students are encouraged to take both sessions.

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Susie Johnson Detail

Gale Marshall A shuttle tatting course where we will be making a window scene. a window frame with curtains, a pot of flowers on the sill and butterflies flitting.  There will be many types of picots, pearl tatting, block tatting, 2 shuttle work and more. A solid knowledge of basic tatting is required. Teacher's web site

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Gale Marshall - Tating Detail

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