The 53 annual IOLI convention

Holly Van Sciver (Bucks Floral).Bucks Point is an English bobbin lace characterized by a delicate ground and a pattern outlined by a gimp thread.  Floral Bucks students should already know point ground, the catch pin, moving the gimp, honeycomb ground, picots, head side and foot side techniques.   In this class students will learn to apply these basic skills to irregular (floral) Bucks Point patterns.  By working traditional patterns students will learn how to add and take out pairs, work multiple gimps, and design theory as it applies to pattern interpretation.

Holly_2262.jpg (15398 octets) holly_2265.jpg (11275 octets)
Holly Van Sciver Detail

Sheila Wells (Honiton). Beginners will work their first little flower and two leaves to get a basic grasp of Honiton Lace. There is an enlarged version available for anyone who wishes to work with 80 cotton threads instead of the traditional 120 – but it still looks like Honiton! No previous experience in bobbin lace is required. Students who have basic Honiton skills can continue with one of Sheila’s small class patterns. Each of these introduces new techniques from fillings, through veins, holes, turns etc to « raised work ».

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Sheila Wells Detail

Sandi Woods  (Floral Bucks) The designed Milanese patterns will enable someone to learn and understand the techniques and considerations of working with colour. There is also scope to add to the level of difficulty depending upon the personal experience of the individual lace maker. The course will not be concentrating solely on the practicality of making the pieces of lace, but will be offering advice and explanation of the different thought and decision-making processes to enable each student to make future use of the coursework. Students are welcome to register to both sessions.

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Sandi Woods Detail

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