The 53 annual IOLI convention

Tuesday 19:30: The Teacher’s showcase

soiree-prof_2453.jpg (29400 octets)

That evening was dedicated to teachers and students. Each teacher showed her designs or collection pieces. It is the time and place to exchange on different techniques; otherwise teachers do not have a chance to see what others do. It is also an opportunity to students to see what is going on in other classes. That evening, as you can see on the above picture, was very popular. Here is a little glance of it.
Jay was presenting her metallic pieces of lace, Louise Colgan her contemporary lace, she invited us to buy a Hensel production DVD where she propose a 3 hours Milanese technique class (you can find all information about it at the “new books” section). Nathalie, of course, exhibited the famous Brioude tallies.

Jay_2473.jpg (17462 octets) Louise_2454.jpg (21714 octets) Nathalie_2449.jpg (22011 octets)
Jay The corset Louise Colgan Detail Nathalie Detail

Mary Shield (Carrickmacross lace) with classical lace, Josée Poupart showing modern lace jewellery and Tatiana Karpenko presenting more childlike projects.

prof_2435.jpg (21959 octets) Josee_2440.jpg (20979 octets) Tatiana_2444.jpg (18571 octets)
A cap A necklace Detail

Why this many people? It’s Sally cold pressing laces (with a pastry roller!)
My stand was separated in 2 parts: my own Valenciennes lace designs and beside, antique laces, Valenciennes as well. As detail, the last necklace, Valenciennes of course, created especially for the convention.

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