The 53 annual IOLI convention

Wednesday July 26, 08 :30 : The tour
The convention was seen as a good excuse to display a lot of lace in different museums. This Wednesday was dedicated to visits, a sort of school break. We had chosen the “South shore of Montreal” tour, but there was other tours available. Here we are, gone with 23 other people, to discover this beautiful region.

First stop: Stewart museum, at the Jean Drapeau park on Ste-Hélène island. It is in 1985, when the first temporary exhibition “New world discovery; cartographer and cosmographer” is displayed, that the David M Stewart museum gets it’s name, in memory of the founder and principal contributor deceased the year before. Since then, the museum presents lively and diversified programs, adapted services to different visitors, and the most advanced technology in museum products. The old fashion dressed animators and the cannon shooting show, surely gets visitor’s attention. You can find more information on their website :

Stewart_2483.jpg (16126 octets) canon_2517.jpg (10341 octets)
Partial view of the David M. Stewart museum The first multiple shots cannon

In this museum, 8 costumes were displayed. On the right hand side, you can recognize Louise Senécal’s dress presented at Camarinas, Spain in 2005. As detail, a XVI century reproduction, decorated with bobbin lace, Italian renaissance style (dress and lace handmade by Louise Dussault-Lessard) and a contemporary gown (2000) showing a XIX century silk Chantilly appliqué.

robe_2485.jpg (11194 octets) robe_2524.jpg (11885 octets)
Detail Detail

We pursue our tour at the Quebec costume and textile museum, 349 Riverside, St-Lambert. This museum presented the most beautiful iron collection.

Textile_2560.jpg (20043 octets) fer_2558.jpg (8241 octets)
Textile museum A part of the iron collection

In occurrence, fans were also displayed; on the left hand side, a Bucks fan, folded, realised by Yvette Reid in 1991. On the right hand side, Maria Gol’s silk embroidered tulle fan,  made in 2001.

eventail_2535.jpg (17967 octets) eventail_2539.jpg (16508 octets)



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