The 53 annual IOLI convention

Wednesday July 26, 12 :30 : The meal
We had our meal in a micro-brewery in Chambly. At this old fashion design place and after tasting a few local beers, we enjoyed excellent food served with, of course, …beer based sauce!

repas_2562.jpg (18290 octets) repas_2563.jpg (19590 octets)
Beer tasting

Wednesday July 26, 14:00: Tour continuing
We ended our day at the Louis-Hyppolite La Fontaine house, 314 Marie-Victorin blvd, Boucherville. This French spirit, typical Quebec house, was built in 1766. Originally part of the village, it was moved to the actual location in 1964, classified as historical monument in 1965, restored in 1978 and open to public in 1980. A huge lace collection was displayed in this small museum. The first floor was dedicated to traditional laces, as the second floor to modern pieces. This little point de Paris fan was realised by Yvette Reid in 1992.

Lafontaine_2649.jpg (18347 octets) eventail_2617.jpg (19008 octets)
Louis-Hyppolite La Fontaine house Detail

We will only show a small part of this temporary exhibition, but there was so many pieces presented there, it could have been a report of it’s own! This large XIX century Chantilly shawl is part of Edith Robillard’s private collection. As this Chantilly butterfly, it is a piece worked by Huguette Morin-Sasseville.

chantilly_2595.jpg (14019 octets) papillon_2593.jpg (13118 octets)

On the second floor, contemporary laces were presented on boards placed on tripod. Laces panel were also presented on other desks.
Different ground studies was also proposed. Here, these grounds with machine embroidery, by Michelle Pitts.

tableau_2644.jpg (14978 octets) bandes_2620.jpg (17911 octets)



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