The 53 annual IOLI convention

Thursday July 27, 12:30: Catered lunch and lecture
Hyatt hotel has a reputation, and this reputation is really not false; everything is perfect, reception, rooms, service, food…
The meal almost ending, Louise introduces the conference speaker Nancy Pye. It, of course, was an English lecture, but fortunately translation was simultaneous. The lecture was about Lace and art of the table (the convention theme) and started with beginning of lace (the punto in aria) and finished with the famous Belgium lace : Flanders and Mechlin.

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Greedy people, click here Louise Senécal Nancy Pye Détail

Most guests attended the lecture at the superb “Grand salon” room.

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Nancy and Lucie

Until Friday July 28, 13:15: The main exhibition

The convention main exhibition was displayed in another hotel meeting room. The contest lace pieces were also displayed there. The contest challenge was about “table ribbons”, to see the pictures, please reach the IOLI website which has the right to exclusive publicity.
Beside the contest pieces, a large variety of lace were displayed, tablecloth, table runner, kitchen accessories… Shortly, everything you need to set a table. We present here few of them.
This white cotton apron is made by Maria Gol, it is a Torchon lace together with white embroidery. It was originally made for one of the Association des Dentellières du Québec lace contest.

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Partial exhibition room view Detail

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