The 53 annual IOLI convention

On the left hand side, Italian lace appliqué to a tablecloth (Filomena Di Lemme). To the right, a Cluny tablecloth realized by Pierette Lajoie.

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This square cotton tablecloth is embroided with blue thread, around it is a Cluny de Brioude lace, a Marie-Paule Moulin realisation.
To the right, the Torchon curtain is realized by Madeleine Taillon.

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Here I am with Suzanne Gagnon, Suzanne is a very dedicated person to each project she launch upon. She is already at her third project… And believe me, they are large projects. “Dentelle Illimitée” is a non-profit workshop (none of the creation is sold). It was founded January 1, 2000 to imitate formerly ways of making lace. The workshop objective is simple: create or reproduce large dimension laces that need specialized work of many lacemakers. The first project was a banner honouring Descartes. The second, displayed at the exhibition room, is this tremendous green and white pelmet you can foresee behind us. The third is a work in progress, it will be a superb Blonde de Caen shawl.

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The teachers displayed a small sample of their most beautiful pieces, here are two I particularly liked very much: at left “Reflexion of Colorado” a Binche created and realized by Anny Nobens-Siegers and at right a superb contemporary lace “Distress” from Véronique Louppe in metallic polychrome threads. Here is what it means for Véronique: “ This lace express horror resulting from military fights and terrorist attacks that breaks so many lives. The four lace motives are placed to recall the quilt. It symbolizes daily routine and the home sweet home comfort. Lace stands as a monument and larger copper threads imitate the construction structure. These quilt and building images above all express life. To materialize definitive broken lives confusion, with no opting out possibilities, I aggressed, teared out, and distorted the lace. Without regrets!”
Among all my new acquaintances, I really appreciate meeting Véronique. You will find out more about her in an article I intend to write for our D.S. Gazette.

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Annie Noben-Siegers Véronique Louppe Detail

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