The 53 annual IOLI convention

We are starting at Château Dufresne. Built in 1916, Château Dufresne was once a private home, beaux-arts style, now converted in both, historical museum and visual arts diffusion centre. Its decoration and furniture testify the time bourgoisie taste for luxury, specially interior design, painted around 1920 by Guido Nincheri. Quebec lacemakers had assembled a huge collection of baptism dresses, displayed on the museum first floor.

chateau_3065.jpg (16093 octets) chateau_3068.jpg (12381 octets)
Arrear view of the musuem Exhibition partial view

Here is a XIXth century baptist cap, with Bucks point lace insertion. Lace was realized by Diane Hudon in 2003.
The second cap is also from Dinae Hudon. It is from XIXth century handman woven linon decorated with Bedfordshire lace appliqué.

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This dress and cape in mechanic lace belongs to the Gol family.In the middle, a baptism dress belongin to the Senécal family from Granby, dated 1950, dress and cape are made from nylon, garnished with ribbon and lace. Finally, on the right hand side, a dress from XXth century belonging to the Havet family. It is made out of fine Baptist with mechanic Valenciennes lace insertions.

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