The 53 annual IOLI convention

We will end our visit by the Musée des Maîtres et Artisans du Québec (615, Sainte-Croix avenue, Saint-Laurent). This museum is really a magnificent neo-gothic church from 1867. It proposes a rich collection of religious and popular objects, furniture, textiles and tools, reflecting the nature of Quebec art and tradition. For the convention, the choir was entirely dedicated to lace accessories.

eglise_2999.jpg (13655 octets) eglise_3001.jpg (24818 octets)

Different showcases were showing craftman pieces: here, Simon Toustou propose bobbins and pricker tool boxes, on the right, Yves Gagnon and Marc Amblard boxes… Try guessing who made what!

eglise_3040.jpg (12941 octets) eglise_3045.jpg (20677 octets)
Detail Detail

This lace sculpture is the first entirely metallic work by Véronique Louppe. The title “Envol” reveals the beginning of sculptural lacemaking using metallic threads. The bird’s body was first realized on a specific pillow, molding the bird in the middle of the pillow. Then, feathers were realized individually and attached to the bird. Astonishing result!
In the centre, “la forêt mystérieuse” (The mysterious forest) is a Michelle Pitt’s creation, admire the three dimension effect in the picture detail. At right, a collective modern piece.

eglise_3003.jpg (11325 octets) eglise_3030.jpg (11097 octets) eglise_3018.jpg (14783 octets)
Detail Detail Detail

We end this visit with this last piece, still form Véronique Louppe “Trangenèse”. It was realized with electric wire, wood, plastic fabric and nylon thread.

eglise_3020.jpg (25794 octets)

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