The 53 annual IOLI convention

Trillium Bobbin Lace is the Canadian equivalent of De Liever, meaning the supplier holding the most necessary and essential lacemaker’s supplies.  Francis and Bart  were not there, but their silk was… at Trillium.
Yves Gagnon, whom we already met at Bailleul with his lacemaker spouse Diane Hudon, carve boxes in a similar way as Marc Amblard do. These two keep in touch on a regular basis.

trillium_2100.jpg (17594 octets) Yves_2109.jpg (14102 octets)
Trillium Bobbin Lace Detail Yves Gagnon Detail

Suzanne Gagnon, founder of “Dentelle Illimitée” work-group is a person that is worth knowing. I had a chance to know her better cause she was participating in my Valenciennes class. But I will talk a little more about her later, when we’ll visit the exhibition room.
Veronique Louppe presented and sold her metallic lace pieces, she also will appear again at the exhibition room section of this report.

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Simon and Lise Toustou. Simon is from Carcassonne (France) and came to Quebec about fifty years ago. He became one of the most famous Canadian lacemaker supplier. You feel for an elegant and refine pillow, with assorted drawers, look for the detail… You will only find this at Simon.
Here is Lyse Legendre, you previously saw her giving painting workshop. She is one of the craftswoman who accepted to create 18 pairs of bobbins to commemorate the Association des Dentellières du Québec Inc 25th anniversary, as well as Mr Toustou, Mr Lacerte, Yves Gagnon…

simon_2204.jpg (13772 octets) Lyse_2715.jpg (27672 octets)
A pillow Painted bobbins

François Lauzon presents an interesting bobbin: it is pierced to receive an ebony piece.
This charming lady in costume volunteers to work at the Quebec lacemaker’s kiosk. You could find there a lot of souvenirs from this great event: printed pillow covers, pins, posters…

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A bobbin

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