The 53 annual IOLI convention

Greet Rome Verbeylen (Lier lace). This beautiful and elegant tamboured lace is created from simple chain stitches on tulle. Beginning students will learn how to set up the frame, manage the hook, make filling stitches, and explore pattern design. Continuing students can start to make classical lace, lace jewels, cloth decoration or a picture in colour.

Greet_2321.jpg (15453 octets) Greet_2325.jpg (11907 octets)
Greet Rome Verbeylen Un travail en blanc Un travail en couleur

Betty Manfre (Cantý). A 12 to 24 hour class in Cantu' Bobbin Lace which will include the techniques required to make the leaves, scrolls, flags, and flowers which are typical of Cantu, with special emphases on Punto Venezia and Mimosa. The class project will be geared to the level and interest of the individual student. This course is offered for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students.

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Betty Manfre Detail

Nathalie Bally (Cluny de Brioude). This original Cluny has nothing to do with the traditional white or cream lace. Using noble material, as silk and gold thread, the Cluny de Brioude is also colourful, audacious and well known for its perfect work. You know about these famous and feared tallies? They will share with you their own developed secret way to obtain the most fabulous result.

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Nathalie Bally Detail Detail

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