The 53 annual IOLI convention

Anny Noben Slegers (Binche). Binche is a straight lace with various fillings and numerous snowflake stitches. Beginners must have experience in Flanders, Paris, or Valenciennes grounds and must be able to read coloured diagrams. Intermediate and advanced students will have a choice between traditional edgings or work on creating their own design.

Anny_2356.jpg (12977 octets) Anny_2360.jpg (19623 octets)
Anny Noben Slegers Detail

Ulrike Voelker (Fleurs colorées sur fonds de Tulle). Ulrike est une habituée des cours de dentelles aux fuseaux aux Etats Unis. Régulièrement elle est invitée par les différentes associations (guilde) régionales sur tout le territoire américain. Cete année, c'est la convention américaine qui a fait appel à ses services. Ici, à Montréal, elle enseigne la dentelle à fond clair avec des fleurs de couleur. Son stage est complet avec 14 élèves.

Ulrike_2366.jpg (15084 octets) Ulrike_2373.jpg (16918 octets)
Ulrike Voelker Detail

Louise Colgan (Milanese lace). Students in this level class will have the opportunity to hone their skils by working on more complex designs.   Options will be given for selecting innovative Milanese patterns in either 2-D or 3-D format.   Techniques for combining colour and texture will be explored.   The 3-D pieces will include sculptural form, as well. A special Supply Kit must be purchased by each student choosing a 3-D project. The kit will include wire needed for those projects.

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Louise Colgan an exercice Detail

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