The 53 annual IOLI convention

Gunvor Jorgensen (Tonder). A fine point ground lace, similar to Bucks Point, Tonder is the Danish interpretation of the Lille/Bevern laces. Beginners will learn the basic Tonder stitches, starting, finishing, etc. Intermediate/continuing students will learn more intricate patterns. Most patterns have been created from samples of very old lace.

Gunvor_2389.jpg (22467 octets) Gunvor_2392.jpg (23343 octets)
Gunvor Jorgensen Detail

Sally Schoenberg (Bedfordshire). Student can expect to learn starts and finishes, picots, plaits, joins, tallies of all shapes, 4,6 and 8 pairs crossings, straight and scalloped trails, simple areas of cloth stitch with and without gimps, and spider grounds. Redrawing patters will also be covered. On top of Bedfordshire I learning expectation, the focus will be on adding and removing pairs, tallies, curving and divided trails, floral cloth stitch areas, gimps, moving lace in the middle of a project, redrawing patterns and designing original patterns.

Sally_2404.jpg (26856 octets) Sally_2398.jpg (19990 octets)
Sally Schoenberg Detail

Tatiana Karpenko (Russian lace and design). Student will be offered simple or intricate Russian original design patterns to work this famous and traditional tape lace. All levels participants are welcome. As demonstrated in the Lace Express magazine, the extraordinary talented designer Tatiana will share with the students his designer’s secrets. Learn how to make your own pattern in a Russian style.

Karpenko_2412.jpg (16440 octets) Karpenko_2412B.jpg (21453 octets)
Tatiana Karpenko Detail - A design

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